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Naumi products are perfect for everyday life, travelling, sports, long walks, driving and –

 amazingly! – for glamorous evening events. Many models are decorated with expensive fur.


Every season the brand widens its colour palette, ranging from black or silver to pastel shades of 

vanilla, cream, beige, tea-rose, pistachio, etc. There are also bright colour available – blue, pink, 

turquoise, yellow, green.


Naumi’s down jacket are special items that have to be set off by the right trousers, jersey goods, 

hats, scarves, mitten, made of the same high-quality high-tech fabrics and finished with euqally

 perfect fur. All this is also offered by Naumi!


Moreover, Naumi offers not only a standard size range, but also plus-size models, breaking the

 stereotype that plus-size women cannot be elegant in down clothes