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Naumi is the choice of those who value not only the practical functionality, but also want to stand

 out from the crowd, creating their own image of feminine elegance, luxury and confidence. The

 high-tech Japanese textiles used by Naumi are ultra-light, water-proof and long-wear, unlike

 those of numerous cheaper competitors.


Naumi’s production knowhow is absolutely unique: the outer and inner layers of their down

 jackets and coats are “baked” together, practically “locking” the down inside, preventing its 

unwanted “coming out” and spreading it evenly all over the item. Besides, this knowhow makes 

the clothes considerably lighter and warmer, increasing their thermal insulation.

In stitching special needles are used and replaced every 30 minutes, making perfectly even and

 smooth seams.


Thermal insulation in such kind of premium quality luxury down clothes is measured by 

the density of down. With Naumi it’s 640 square inches per ounce. This level of density is evidence of 

the highest quality of the products. Naumi uses 100% goose down and satin silky nylon. 

One horizontal layer of a jacket is 5mm only! This perfect result comes from 25 years of experience 

working with down. Thus, a 300-gram down jacket will keep you warm in -30 C Siberian frost.